The strength of the Italian family: the Group

The Selection "Bissolo Food" comes from the passion of the Family Bissolo for the Italian food products and for the will and pleasure of meeting its international clientele needs, increasingly looking for quality at a competitive price. The strength of the Family is the communion, in fact, the project was born and developed within the Group Bissolo (, a well-established business reality in the fruits and vegetable sector which produces and exports with proven success for over twenty years mainly to the countries of the EU, Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The Group Bissolo therefore offers all the experience and logistical support in order to ensure an adequate service to the expectations of the most demanding Customer.

A prepared and efficient Team

At the base of the administrative structure, logistics and commercial, there is a close-knit team of people from important companies in the catering sector or grown within the Group. The Team is composed of experienced people and enterprising young people: a mix of expertise, experience, flexibility and dynamism. Thanks to its technical and language expertises is being pursued the goal of finding the right solution for the particular needs of the Customer.

A selection of sure success

The application of the brand "Bissolo" on the lines "Classic" and "Premium" is the completion of a thorough selection process that starts from the needs of the Customer and develops with meticulous research and careful consideration of the many possibilities offered by “Made in Italy”. Agricultural products are accurately selected and processed in establishments sought between craft and industrial realities of the most renowned areas of Italy for that specific kind of production. The laboratories are carefully evaluated for both the final result, the quality of products, as well as the efficiency and food safety certified and proven during the production process. Once identified the products with the features and recipes that suit the needs to be met, these are properly tested and, only then, inserted in our assortment.